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Tesla Solution is a specialized firm in information technology providing cutting tailor-made solutions to government, corporate sector and social organization. The strength of Tesla Solution lies in depth understanding and planning of customer requirements and developing applications accordingly.

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Tesla Solution has been proven as business growth partner positively impacting the bottom line of the clients. Tesla Solution has proven capability of excellent support services and system advancements according to changing business needs.

CRM for Financial Returns

Unique feature of connecting CRM with financial gains for the organizations. CRM impacts on clients and financial returns to organization in terms of sale growth and future forcecasting.

Sales Force Tracking

Tesla Solution offer Geo tagging of sales force and staff. The management can view and analyze movement of sales force and track their visit schedules and time spending.

Business intelligence

Converts routinely generated data into information insights. For further processed for advanced level analytics for smooth decision making and progress tracking by the higher management.

Customized Solutions

We are experienced in delivering ICT solutions embedded in engineering frameworks. We have strong team for problem identification, analysis, planning and executing integrated solutions. We offer solutions related to industrial automation, operational efficiency and product optimization using ICT and allied innovations.

Application Development

Tesla has experienced team of software developer with variety of expertise and qualifications. Our team has delivered many cutting edge software applications for manufacturing, sales, healthcare, education and supply chain management. We develop web based solutions, android and IOS solutions, desktop applications and other specialty software.

Free of Charge

Our specialty lies in customer relationship management application. Tesla team consists of sales people, marketing experts, finance people and software developers making the application best serve the client needs. Tesla Solution does not offer a software for CRM. Tesla Solution offers CRM solutions as complete experience to boost sale and ensure customer satisfaction.

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Why Trust Us

  • Has team of diversified qualification, experiences and expertise. The team got the expertise to convert IT solutions into growth instruments and profit engines.
  • Is known for customization and tailor made solution
  • Offers economical on time solutions
  • Focuses on implementation of technology
  • Believes in client growth and development through delivered solutions

We adopt very client centred approach for development and implementation of solutions. We focus on implementation of application and user adoption. Therefore we work very slosely with users and partners